The Road to a Sustainable Future

The Road to a Sustainable Future

The discussion about sustainability, environmental protection, and climate change is becoming increasingly prominent as we face alarming levels of pollution on our planet. Global pollution of air, water, and soil has reached critical levels, seriously endangering ecosystems and human health.

Climate change, the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, excessive plastic usage, water pollution, deforestation, and species extinction have become the reality of the modern world. These problems have a global impact, and their consequences are becoming more visible through extreme weather conditions, declining biodiversity, and the jeopardization of vital resources such as water and food.

The challenges we are facing demand urgent action and changes in our ways of thinking and acting. Education, awareness, and a change in approach to the environment are becoming key components in the fight against pollution and in achieving a sustainable future for all of us. Therefore, it is important to focus on proactive initiatives such as the “Think Differently & Act Differently” project, which promotes a shift towards a more sustainable way of life and a more responsible attitude towards the environment.

The first transnational partnership meeting of this project was held in Targu Jiu, Romania, in March 2022, where we had the opportunity to meet partners, discuss activities, and set goals for the project’s continuation.

We have also recently started activities in our local communities, and on May 20, 2022, in Vukovar, at the premises of the Social Center in Borovo Naselje, we presented the project. On that occasion, during the visit of German professor Andreas Fath, who was swimming the Danube River and researching the level of microplastics in the river while raising public awareness about river pollution issues, several local associations from Vukovar organized a series of events on the importance of a sustainable way of life.