Think Differently
& Act Differently

About the project​

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The project addresses the horizontal priorities “Environment and combating climate change” and “Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth and sport” and the sectoral priority of adult education “Improving the skills of pedagogues and other staff in the field of adult education”…

Target Group

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Trainers in adult education


Asset 10

The project “Think differently and act differently” (TD&AD) aims to sensitize and motivate families to adopt in the household a more friendly behavior towards the environment, moving from the consumerist economy (buy-use-throw) to the circular economy. It requires a collaboration between the members of a family (parents and children) a bridge between these different generations who only together can adopt a more environmentally friendly behavior. We considered that within this adult-child binomial some will come with pragmatism and experience and the others with the enthusiasm and openness to the new. Municipal waste is the result of the way of consumption in households and only through education and collaboration between organizations involved in education, environmental protection and local councils can it be achieved to reduce them.