Encouraging Change in the Family Environment for Environmental Preservation

Encouraging Change in the Family Environment for Environmental Preservation

The past year marked significant progress for the TD&AD project, with one of its pivotal moments occurring during September, October, and November of 2023 in Dalj, Croatia. Successful workshops were held for high school students and their parents, bringing together more than 10 families. The focus of these workshops was on environmental protection and sustainable development, creating an inspirational atmosphere filled with enthusiasm.

Throughout these meetings, we extensively explored ways in which families can positively impact the circular economy and contribute to the planet’s preservation through their daily activities. Participants actively engaged in discussions, shared their ideas and experiences, fostering a productive environment for understanding and action.

Apart from the workshops themselves, we introduced our e-learning platform, providing a wealth of resources and tools for further learning and engagement in sustainability and environmental protection topics. Animated movies and quizzes were particularly appealing to parents and children, encouraging interactive learning. They proudly described the changes they had started implementing between workshops. They now actively choose to purchase food in glass or metal packaging instead of plastic and follow promotions to reduce waste and its environmental impact. They’ve even started dedicating themselves to waste sorting. One family showed how old clothing can be used instead of paper for wrapping gifts. Parents found it easier to introduce changes that don’t affect the financial budget, while children more readily embraced new ideas. The synergy between them represents a key path toward positive transformations. who has adderall in stock

This form of education and active family participation not only contributes to environmental preservation but also builds the foundations of sustainable habits and values in new generations, laying solid groundwork for future positive changes in our relationship with the planet.

These educational sessions brought together families from rural areas, providing them with an opportunity for deeper immersion in sustainability topics. In Dalj, where just over 3000 people reside, the majority are engaged in agriculture, making these themes crucial for them.

This engagement, focused on education and awareness-building, represents a crucial step toward building a sustainable future. It truly demonstrates a shared commitment to protecting the environment and preserving our planet’s resources, leaving a lasting positive impact in family environments and beyond.